Another Day at the Office #1

Albert River Riparian Rehabilitation Project – Autumn 2018

We Love living in Qld and for the most part the weather lives up to the well-known catchcry of “Beautiful one day, Perfect the next”. But every now and then Mother Nature reminds us that we don’t control the weather. This was certainly the case in March 2017 when Tropical Cyclone Debbie lashed our coastal regions.

Debbie had been down-graded to Ex-Tropical Cyclone by the time she reached the Gold Coast but with wind gusts of 125km/hr and 900mm of rain in 30 hours we certainly knew she had arrived.

During the storm our community sustained damage to public and private infrastructure; with roads, bridges, and vehicle causeways completely destroyed or damaged beyond repair. As well as the damage to important infrastructure many kilometres of riparian vegetation was severely affected and destructive streambank erosion was observed across the region.

A year on from Cyclone Debbie and Regen Australia partnered with City of Gold Coast to rehabilitate a 5.5ha section of riparian vegetation on the Albert River at Luscombe. Our Regen Australia teams set about preparing this area for re-planting of 11,000 local native plants.

The plant species were selected and planted out to replicate the pre-existing vegetation and to provide the highest level of resilience to any future flood events. All the plants were supplied from our Regen Australia nursery.

Our teams are continuing to maintaining the plants on this important project and even after the recent frost season and a lack of rain in winter the plants are growing well and plant survival rates are well in excess of 90%.

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