Another day at the Office #4

Floating Reed Beds

Floating reed beds (FRB’s) have been used for water quality treatment since the mid 90’s, with case studies found in Japan, USA, Belgium and United Kingdom.

Here in Australia the technology is still not widely utilised even though the benefits are widely reported and the positive effects on water quality can be evidenced by even the most casual of observers.

Regen Australia has a dedicated Floating Reed Bed team that not only maintains existing FRB’s but designs, constructs and installs new beds filled with the appropriate plant species from our nursery.

Our team works on FRB’s in public lakes and waterways; and also on commercial projects where large scale water treatment is essential to meet legislative requirements and industry guidelines.

On FRB’s the roots of the plants sit directly in the water and are effective in:

  • controlling algae and reducing algal blooms
  • taking up a range of soluble nutrients such as Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Ammonia
  • taking up heavy metals
  • reducing biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) to healthy levels
  • providing both terrestrial and marine habitat

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