Another Day at the Office #5

Smales Park Creek Bank Stabilisation

Smales Park in Tallebudgera Valley has suffered significant erosion and loss of riparian vegetation over time from a number of large weather events. Regen Australia was contracted in 2014 to assist in the stabilisation of the creek bank. The project is managed by the City of Gold Coast – Catchment Management Unit.

This project included trialling the use of large tree stumps angled into into the bank profile with the root balls exposed to add roughage to the creek. This, in an attempt to stem the flows and trap sediment for plants to establish (replenishing the bank through natural processes). The usage of foot logs, log groynes, boulder ballasts and further earthworks also contributed to reprofiling the creek bank and re-aligning creek flow.

To increase the stability of the bank, riparian trees, shrubs and ground cover species were planted by Regen Australia at 1/m2 on the batter and the top of the bank and at 2-3/m2 in the high flow zone at the bottom of the bank.

Now 4 years later, the creek bank has stabilised completely and the natural flow of the water has improved, increasing the health of the waterway. This increase in health is evident following the release of recent macro invertebrate and water quality studies that  provided clear evidence of the success of the project.



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