June Stocklist

Our availability list for June is up to date!

For inquiries please contact our Nursery:
Email: nursery@regenaustralia.com.au
Phone: 0414 519 572

Winter has arrived on the Gold Coast! That means we can start planning for Spring time plantings. Get in early to place your orders and secure your plants. Take a look at this month’s availability list.

We have our monthly specials listed below. Order quickly as these will be out the door soon!

·         Allocasurina littoralis NT $1.20

·         Corymbia citriodora NT $1.20

·         Eucalyptus seeana NT $1.20

·         Indigofera australis NT $1.20

·         Leptopermum laevigatum NT $1.20

·         Melaleuca nodosa NT $1.20

·         Melaleuca pachyphyllus NT $1.20

·         Melaleuca quinquenervia NT $1.20

Happy planting!


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