Another Day at the Office #16

Riverbank Restoration

Large sections of the Coomera River were greatly affected by the destructive winds and water flows associated with Cyclone Debbie in 2017.

Picture courtesy of Biome Consulting

Regen Australia worked to restore the riverbank on a property in Mt Nathan. Following earthworks to reshape the riverbank, matting was pinned to the soil and local native plants were installed. The plant species were selected and placed to prevent erosion in the future and restore the biodiversity of the river ecosystem.

Six months on from planting and things are looking good. Plant deaths are <5% and general growth rates and health of the plants is very good. Our client for this project is extremely pleased with the results “Regen provided a prompt and thorough service. The results speak for themselves. They would be the first company I call for any type of vegetation work I need in the future.”

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