Another day at the (Bundaberg) Office #17

Regen in Bundaberg

On the 15th of May, with little fanfare but much excitement, Regen Australia opened for business in Bundaberg Qld.

Ken Joblin has worked with Regen Australia since 2009 and he sought to relocate to Bundy to be close to his family. After advising CEO, Mark Bibby of his intentions, discussions turned to the notion of establishing a Regen Australia, Bundaberg branch.

Ken is a vastly experienced and extremely passionate ecological restoration practitioner and Mark had no hesitation in backing Ken to set up and manage Regen Australia operations in Bundaberg.

Ken and Mark visited Bundaberg and explained their aspirations with a number of key people and organisations. Inspired by positive meetings Regen Australia set the wheels in motion resulting in commencement of operations mid-May.

Hitting the ground running

Having finalised his move one day, Ken was on the ground managing woody weeds the next. Regen’s first works were undertaken in Gin Gin where woody weeds are well established along the water course adjacent Gin Gin township.
Ken has found his interaction with a number of Gin Gin locals encouraging with numerous comments on how good it is to see the work being undertaken.

As well as the Assisted Natural Regeneration (ANR) works in Gin Gin, planting works have also been completed and ongoing maintenance is now in place.

Plenty to do

Though it is early days for our operations in the Bundaberg region, it has become apparent that within the diverse range of natural assets there is opportunity for enhancing the resilience of a range of ecosystems.

As well as leading teams physically engaging in ANR and revegetation, Ken looks forward to sharing his knowledge and experience in ecological restoration with locals possessing similar passion for enhancing the resilience of natural areas.

Check out our other story on our Bundaberg Team who were recently on-site in Woodgate here.

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