Another Day at the Office #19

Floating Plants for Cleaner Water

Back in October 2018 we reported on our involvement with Reed Bed Technology

In June 2019 Regen Australia designed and installed a new Floating Reed Bed (FRB) System to improve water quality in Gold Coast’s Waterways.
This new FRB is home to 360 local native sedge plants selected from Regen Australia Nursery.

The roots of the plants sit directly in the water and are effective in:
• controlling algae and reducing algal blooms
• taking up a range of soluble nutrients such as Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Ammonia
• taking up heavy metals
• reducing biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) to healthy levels
• providing both terrestrial and marine habitat

Two months after installation all 360 plants are growing well with thick roots reaching 400mm in length.

We love this technology and our teams love getting out on the water to maintain the beds.

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