Gold Coast BioBlitz 2019

The Austinville Valley is one of the last relatively intact stands of critically endangered lowland subtropical rainforest on the Gold Coast. It is home to at least 20 rare plants and animals, but the BioBlitz will unearth more populations of these and locate more rare species!

Regen Australia is honoured to assist Gold Coast Catchment Association by being a sponsor of the first ever Gold Coast Bioblitz!

This is an opportunity for amateur nature lovers to spend a few hours with an expert and look for the wonderful wildlife in the biodiversity hot spot that is Austinville Valley

The Gold Coast BioBlitz is an annual event designed to promote engagement between Gold Coast residents and local flora and fauna experts in on-ground wildlife surveys over a 24hr period. In this way, it provides a very practical means of describing and recording the biological diversity of unique areas.

The Gold Coast BioBlitz will showcase the skills of some of Australia’s premier ecologists, botanists and zoologists with speciality backgrounds in plants, mammals, platypus, birds, reptiles, frogs, freshwater crayfish, freshwater fish, native bees and dragonflies

If you have an interest in the hinterland and its fascinating plants and creatures, this is the event for you.

Book in and enjoy a morning, afternoon or evening of wildlife research! Think birds, reptiles, echidnas, gliders, crayfish, bandicoots, fish, glow worms, macropods, flora, platypus, frogs, bats and more!

You can book your tickets here

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