Highlighting our Native Plants #4

Allocasuarina littoralis

Common Name: Black She-Oak

Description: Upright tree from 5-15 metres depending on soil type, rainfall and protection from salt winds. Male trees take on a reddish/brown colour when flowering.

Flowering: Winter to Spring – a dioecious plant where separate plants have either male or female flowers

Distribution and occurrence: Eastern Australia from Queensland to Tasmania, generally growing in sandy or low fertility soils on the coast and inland in drier forests on the ranges and tablelands.

Interesting facts: the leaves of the She-Oak resemble pine needles and are actually segmented branchlets called cladodes. The fruit is is a food source for a number of cockatoo and parrot species and is found in the woody ‘cone’ or ‘nut’. The distinctive bark is dark grey and roughly fissured.

Regen Australia Nursery has this tree available in tubestock containers.

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