Shaping the Future of SEQ: Healthy Land & Water Conference

Last Thursday our Managing Director Mark Bibby and our Project Manager Samantha Buzash attended the a Conference hosted by Healthy Land and Water, where they were presented with an engaging showcase of impactful work for the region.

The night also included and celebrating the 21st Birthday Report Card for South East Queensland where future plans and reports were presented and two decades of projects and actions were highlighted to ensure sustainability into the future via sustainable development goals, and getting the catchment ‘Green Olympics’ ready.

Slide 1: Julie McLellan CEO, Healthy Land & Water
Slide 2: L-R: Cameron Costello, Deputy Chair at Queensland Tourism Industry Council
Cate Campbell, Olympian, Andrew O’Neill, Chief Operating Officer, Healthy Land and Water, Tim Wright, Program Manager /Branch Manager, Brisbane City Council, Councillor Krista Adams,
Deputy Mayor Brisbane City Council, Chair of City Planning and Economic Development.
Slide 3: Corey Davis, Project Officer Land Restoration Team, Healthy Land and Water
We’d like to thank Healthy Land and Water and all guest speakers for an inspiring carbon positive event. Check out the Report Card for more information.

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