Weed of the Week: Impatiens Spp.

Welcome to “Brookes Weed of the Week”

Got weeds? We know weeds! We particularly know the weeds that are invasive and cause real issues for other native plant species. Learning to identify them and remove them is a big part of what we do here at Regen Australia so we’ve engaged the help of our talented field member Brooke to help us all eradicate these nasties before they cause more harm.

Hands up if you knew that today’s pretty impatiens commonly known as balsam or Busy Lizzie could be so naughty? While you may see them in household gardens and container pots its the kind growing in bushland and near watercourses where they cause the most problems. It usually blooms spring to autumn and their stems can branch vigorously making it a real challenge to remove.

Have you seen Busy Lizzie causing issues in an area near you? We’d love to know where.

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