Field Crew to the Rescue of ‘Bibby’ the Koala

Our Regen Australia field workers are always prepared for the unexpected and for the team at Colman Road Reserve last Friday it was no different, when they came across a sick koala suffering from koala chlamydia.

The crew were quick to contact our emergency wildlife rescue friends at Wildcare Australia Inc. and by working together, the koala (who has now been named ”Bibby,” was caught and brought to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary for care.

Chlamydia can cause painful eye infections and blindness, bladder infections and infertility in koalas and the disease is now affecting at least half the koala populations of South East Queensland and New South Wales . In October a new 3-phase vaccine trial began to not only help protect koalas, but to also help reduce the severity of the disease once contracted. Unlike humans, antibiotics have failed in the treatment of the disease in koalas and with koala populations already on the brink due to habitat loss from land-clearing and bushfires, let’s hope the vaccine trial works, and that Bibby recovers.

More information on the 3-phase vaccine trials can be read in this article : via Guardian Australia

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