Lace Monitor Spotting at Gilston

Did you get out and about over the weekend? Maybe do a bit of bushwalking ?

Have you ever come across one of these guys? Odd’s on you probably wouldn’t miss them as they’re pretty big – they can grow up to 2M in length!

He or she is a reptile called a lace monitor or tree goanna as they spend most of their time in trees, only coming down to hunt for food and to breed.

This one was filmed by one of our crew members working at a site in Kirribilli Park near Gilston, and the team believe it’s mate and baby were up in the tree above.

Lace monitors can be found in the drier parts of NSW and QLD in forest and coastal tablelands and you’ll often see them scavenging around picnic sites, but it is dangerous to feed them as they have very sharp teeth and claws which can cause injury and infection.

Fun Facts:
– They are the only lizards to have a forked tongue.
– They eat insects, reptiles, small mammals, birds, birds’ eggs and carrion.
– Are very active from September to December when looking for a mate.
– Often the female will lay her eggs in a termite nest but if she can’t find one, then she’ll nest in a hole in the ground and fill it with grass or leaf litter – so be careful where you walk!

Video credit: Brooke Senior, Regen Australia.
Feature Image: Avia55, Flikr CC by 2.0

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