Otway Park Reed Relocation

Today in our Project of the Week we highlight work we did at Lake Hugh Muntz and Otway Park.

Initially we were invited by property owners who had a property adjoining LakeHugh Muntz which had a large area of Schoenoplectus tabernaemontani formerly Schoenoplectus validus (more commonly known as softstem Bullrush) growing out of the lake and hard up against the revetment wall which was causing lake access issues for the property owner.

Instead of removing and disposing of the reeds, we relocated them to the bank at Otway Park to further assist with water filtration and stabilisation. Special aquatic equipment was sourced for the job proving vital support to help speed up completion of the project. The excavation area was then backfilled with clean sand to prevent regrowth. A perfect ‘win win’ outcome for both the property owner and the lake.

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