Team Member Profile: Brooke Senior, Field Worker

Our first Team Member intro for 2022 is the wonderful Brooke Senior who joined us around 9 months ago as a Field Worker who occasionally also helps at the Regen Australia Nursery.

In her short time with us Brooke is not only making a name for herself as our contributor to educating us all weekly on weeds that wreak havoc on our natural surroundings, but she has also managed to get the team to dress in pink to support breast cancer awareness and won the prize for the best Christmas outfit at our last Christmas party!

She is however, mostly proud of her positive contributions to environmental sustainability and bush regeneration while on the job with her team mates.

For those with children she recommends a visit to the Wishing Tree at O’Reillys Rainforest Retreat. Oh and in this photo she is holding a cute little fresh water turtle she found in the swamp she was working in. Another added bonus of working in the field.

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