Highlighting our Native Flora #6

Grevillea robusta

Common name – Silky Oak

Description: The largest of the Grevillea genus. Silky Oak can grow to 40 metres but is often much smaller in cultivation. Grows naturally with a single main trunk to form a stately tree. Bark is dark grey and furrowed. The yellow orange flowers are one sided arranged in “toothbrush” like groups.

Flowering: Generally between late September and November.

Distribution and occurrence: Occurs naturally in the sub-tropical regions of southern Qld and northern NSW. This tree has been widely cultivated and planted in Australia and overseas and is now considered weedy in some areas outside its natural range.

Interesting facts: The timber from Silky Oak has a reputation for use in quality furniture production. It has been grown in Africa, Asia and the Americas for timber and to provide shade for tea and coffee plantations. The leaves and flowers produce adverse skin reactions in some people.

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