William Scott Park Bank Stabilisation

What is Bank Stabilisation?

When banks of a creek become undercut and eroded by high rainfall events and a high flow of water, restoring the eco-system by planting with native shrubs, groundcovers and trees helps to stabilise and make banks more resilient to future high rainfall events.

Such was the case with a project completed at William Scott Park, Arana Hills for our client Moreton Bay Regional Council. Bank stabilisation works undertaken were in a 5 step approach:

  • Re-profiling 3 sections of Cabbage Tree Creek (Tighgum)
  • Coir netting installation
  • Planting 13,000 native plants
  • Woody weed control (elm trees, camphor laurel trees)
  • Large Camphor Laurel Tree Removal

The types of vegetation planted consisted on native shrubs, trees and groundcovers, including Lomandra Hystrix (more commonly known as commonly known as green mat-rush, or creek mat-rush). It is a perennial, rhizomatous herb found throughout eastern Australia which can grow in almost any location, climate or soil with zero maintenance. It is suited to wet soils and humidity but also tolerant of frosts. It is a key species to use in conjunction with coir netting to stabilise the re-profiled areas while outgrowing and smothering weeds in no time.

Lomandra hystrix

A few challenges were presented during the project including getting initial construction works completed within budget before the end of the financial year, having a site that was 1.5hours away from depot and competing with rapid weed growth.

Thankfully, with the help of the Regen Australia Nursery, Monocot Nursery, John C Beaumont Earth Moving, Aussie Tree Solutions and EcoPlant Australia Pty Ltd. , all of these issues were quickly resolved resulting in a fantastic outcome where native vegetation has once again triumphed as seen in these before and after photos, re-establishing the bank of the creek back to health. We look forward to re-visiting this site in the future to show how well the plants have established. As they say “watch this space!”

William Scott Park, Arana Hills – Before
William Scott Park, Arana Hills – After

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