Planting for Koalas in South East QLD

Most of us would associate Koalas with Eucalyptus trees but did you know that they need to consume an amount of eucalyptus leaves the size of a lettuce every single day?

Koalas also have a preference of Eucalyptus depending on the region they live in.

Today, we look at what species of Eucalyptus we grow at the Regen Australia Nursery to support Koala habitats in South East QLD.

Why not consider planting one in your garden? For a list of eucalypts we have in stock at the Regen Australia Nursery, check out our current Nursery Stock List.

And please remember to always leave water out for wildlife during long hot summer days.  

Why not check out our other story on ‘Bibby’ the koala?

Feature image: pen_ash, Pixabay
Slide 1: Koala video: Valeriia Miller, Pexels
Slide 2: Eucalyptus leaves on white background: Nika_Akin, Pixabay
Slide 3: Eucalyptus microcorys & Syncarpia glomulifera: Wendy Badke, Regen Australia Nursery
Slide 4: Eucalyptus siderphloia: Harry Rose, Flikr CC BY2.0
Eucalyptus tereticornis: Dinesh Valke from Thane, India, CC BY-SA 2.0
Slide 5: Eucalyptus propinqua & root system: Wendy Badke, Regen Australia Nursery
Slide 6: Credit Video of 3 Koalas: Lucille King, Pexels

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