Team Member Profile: Amie Badke, Nursery Hand & Production Specialist

This week we introduce you to Amie who works as a Nursery Hand and Production Specialist at the Regen Nursery.

Amie has been with Regen Australia for 5 years and has also worked in the field as a Field Worker, and she was our previous Nursery Manager before she chose to take some time out for her children.

Prior to joining our our team, Amie worked as a manufacturing jeweler and believes the dexterity used in her past job has been a useful transferrable skill during the production of seeds and seedlings.

She was encouraged to take up a career in horticulture from her mentor Alan who had been in the industry for 50 years and taught her everything from seed collecting to propagation techniques.

Amie says that the best part about working on our team is the opportunity to gain independence in our work and the ability to share ideas amongst the rest of the team. Her most memorable project has been the beach restoration work for the Gold Coast to help protect and preserve it’s cultural significance.

Her favourite place to visit is Springbrook National Park.

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