Plant Spotlight: Lomandra longifolia

Also known as Spiny-headed mat-rush

Is a robust clumping plant found along watercourses, rainforest edges, and in drier areas. Very popular in garden designs and Ecological Restoration projects for its dense root system that penetrates deep into the soil helping with erosion control.

Lomandra longifolia is a really important fibre plant. Indigenous women gathered the smooth strap-shaped leaves. They split each rush, tied, and soaked them then wove them into baskets and mats. A combination of weirs and basketry traps were used for fishing.

The roots of the Lomandra were also used as a medicine for insect bites; the flowers provided nectar; the seeds made flour and the base of the glossy green, shiny, firm, flat leaves were food.

The inflorescence has heavy-smelling nectar that attract pollinating beetles.


  • Information: Gabriela Gomes, Regen Australia Nursery
  • Artwork & Editing: Angela Miller-Davis, Regen Australia
  • References:
    – Leiper, G.; Glazebrook, J.; Cox, D.; Rathie, K. Mangroves to Mountains Second Edition. 2017.
    – Tweed Shire Council – Cabarita Beach Dune Care
  • Images
    – Slide 1: CC BY3.0 unported
    – Slide 3: Basket weaving: 102Messmanos, Pixabay
    – Slide 4: Flower/Seeds: By Eric in SF – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,
    – Credit Slide: Gabriela Gomes, Regen Australia Nursery

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