Weed of the Week: Climbing Asparagus Fern

In a follow-up on last week’s ‘Weed of the Week’ post on Ground Asparagus Fern (link below), this week we highlight it’s cousin the ‘Climbing’ Asparagus Fern, which is also a category 3 weed which has high impact due to it’s ability to grow up to 12 metres in length and climb all over native canopies, and bushland natives.

Its seeds are also easily dispersed which further aggravates the capability to control it.

Image Credits:
Climbing Asparagus Fern: starr-050517-1470-Asparagus_plumosus-climbing_trees-Kamalo-Molokai CC-BY 2.0 Forest & Kim Starr via Flickr
Climbing Asparagus Berries: climbing asparagus Fern4_hunterc, Craig Hunter via Flickr

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