Plant of the Week: Tuckeroo (cupaniopsis anacardioides)

Today we highlight another plant from our nursery called the Tuckeroo or the botanical name cupaniopsis anacardioides (bit of a mouthful) but actually it’s good bush tucker and birds also love it!

Check out our slideshow for more information – thanks to our Nursery Manager Gabriella for researching this one !


Information: Gabriela Gomes, Regen Australia Nursery
Artwork & Editing: Angela Miller-Davis, Regen Australia

Content References:

Leiper, G. ; Glazebrook, J.; Cox, D.; Rathie, K. Mangroves to Mountains Second Edition. 2017.
Tweed Shire Council – Cabarita Beach Dune Care
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Slide 1: G. Gomes, Regen Australia Nursery
Slide 2:
– Fruit of cupaniopsis anacardioides by John Jennings DSCN3205 (A.Rich)
– Olive Backed Oriole by JJ Harrison, – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,
– Pied Currawong by CC BY-SA 3.0,
– Australasian Male Figbird. Sphecotheres vieilloti by Gail Hampshire CC BY 2.0,
Slide 3: G. Gomes, Regen Australia Nursery
Credit Slide: G. Gomes, Regen Australia Nursery

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