Weed of the Week: Madeira Vine

For this week’s Weed of the Week, Brookes takes a look at a very impressive looking, yet super challenging climbing weed called Madeira Vine or Andredera cordifoli, which is highly invasive to native plants and trees and very easily spread, making it another Category 3 weed.

You can tell by the photo below with one of our field workers just how large Maderia Vine can grow and spread, easily smothering any other plants in it’s path if not eradicated.

Image Credits: B. Senior

For a demonstration of the impact of Madeira vine on native species, check out our other article on when our team removed Madeira Vine from areas at Country Paradise Parklands, Nerang.

Be sure to check out all of Brooke’s other Weeds of the Week via the links and slideshow below:

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