Mt Barney Lantana Removal

Here’s a fun Before and After to show you what crew members on a “liberation mission’’ did to free undergrowth a site at Mount Barney of the dreaded Lantana!

Lantana is a category 3 weed which is a devil to remove if you don’t know what you’re doing, and must be done within council guidelines to help prevent the spread.

The team employed a combination of using hand tools and minimal herbicide.

Once removed the team noticed that native plant recruitment was already seen popping up and should fill in nicely over time with the already well-established canopy.

Click and drag on the slider arrows on the image below to see the Before and After reveal.

BEFORE & AFTER Lantana Removal

Nice work team!

For more on lantana also check out the link here for “Brookes Weed of the Week” post on Lantana Camara.

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