Bundaberg Update: Works at Bargara Headlands

Our team works at Bargara Headlands undertaking a variety of tasks to maintain this special part of the world adjacent to the beach, ranging from maintaining newly planted and more established revegetation areas, street and park trees to assisted natural regeneration in riparian zones.

This week the team worked on retaining a rock wall, pruned Ipomea per-caprae (Goat’s Foot) which is a native vine that is a sand stabiliser and a really important member of the sand dune plant community.

As you can see in the ‘Before & After‘ photos below (pull slider), while an attractive native vine, it is growing over the walking path, creating a trip hazard so it was important to trim it back.

Before & After: Trimming back of Ipomea per-caprae

Our task, is always to maintain the balance between native habitat while creating a safe environment for people.

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