Norvel Park Restoration Project Launch Function

Regen Australia is supplying 1200 native trees for a revegetation project on a 90ha strip of land between the mouths of Litabella Creek and Kolan River, known as “Norvel Park”. On the Saturday 2nd of April, our team member Camila attended a function at the Norvel Park campgrounds to mark the start of the project.

The project is an initiative of River Nations Indigenous Corporation and Gibee Goonyin Land Management with landowner Bundaberg Sugar and aims to protect and restore a parcel of culturally and environmentally significant in Bundaberg on Gooreng Gooreng land.

The parcel of land comprises remnant critically endangered Littoral rainforest, estuarine/mangrove areas, Eucalypt/Melalueca forest and sand dune communities.

The Littoral raiforest ecosystem sustains important food and medicine trees in indigenous culture and the area contains cultural heritage sites (like shell mittens and culturally significant trees).

For decades this stretch of land next to the beach was degraded by unauthorized 4×4 vehicles, killing the native vegetation, bringing in invasive species and eroding the sand dunes. The deterioration of the first layer of vegetation and fore dunes has exposed the sensitive Littoral rainforest to ocean breeze and saltwater spray, creating large open and bare areas where the forest should be.

Casuarina Equisetifolia (Coastal She-Oak) to be supplied by Regen Australia

The revegetation project will endeavour to restore 3km of the foredune by planting the main tree species naturally found in the area, Casuarina Equisetifolia (“Coastal She-Oak”) that will be supplied by Regen Australia, and in consequence reinstate the Littoral rainforest behind this system.

The function started with Gooreng Gooreng welcome to country by traditional owners Evereth Johnson and Uncle Chris and ended with a site tour, where the impacts of erosion and saltwater intrusion were obvious and the opportunity to compare it with healthy sections where the foredune and vegetation layers is preserved, making clear the importance of revegetation projects like this.

Our thanks to our team member Camila up in Bundaberg for the photos and representing Regen Australia on the day.

Extra Image Credits:

Coastal She-Oak: By John Tann from Sydney, Australia – Coastal She-oak branchlets, CC BY 2.0,

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