Community Planting at The Spit in 2000

Let’s go back in time 22 years!

We recently came across these photos from the Regen Australia photo vault and felt the need to share!

Regen Australia has a long and proud association with our Gold Coast community and nowhere is this more evident than at The Spit.

These photos are from the very first community planting day at Seaworld Drive on 12th of March 2000. The project planning and the plants were provided by Regen Australia and we worked with in closely with Main Beach Progress Association to ensure the day was a great success.

Let us know if you recognise yourself!

We’re happy to say that community planting projects still go on in the community and if you ever want to be involved be sure to follow the websites of Gecko Environment Council who can put you in touch with landcare community organisers near to you or visit the City of Gold Coast Beaches to Bushland Volunteer Landcare programs. They’re always happy to let you know of planting projects near you.

Why not check out our other article on Carrara Floodplain Prep for Community Planting?

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