Bio Basin Forebay Re-set

So what is a Bio Basin?

Also known as ‘bio-retention basins,’ it is a landscaping system created by digging out a shallow basin or depression, to help slow on-site stormwater run-offs. Once the process is complete bio basin’s allow stormwater to flow and filtrate through rocks placed in the path of the water and help the water go through a number of biological and physical processes which allow the removal of fine and coarse sediments, pollutants, bacterias, other organisms and chemicals. They can also help reduce the speed of water run-off during peak times such as during flooding.

In the following photos you can see the landscaping process of creating a bio basin forebay re-set which had been compromised after recent flooding.

• Photo 1: Area of contaminated sediment and exotic vegetation was dug out and disposed of.
• Photo 2: A new riser pipe was supplied & installed to help any additional water to exit through
the riser and its discharge pipe.
• Photo 3: Blue rock was supplied and installed for flow mitigation and aid erosion control.

Now that the bio basin has been re-set, the next job will be to plant out with area with new, healthy native vegetation grown and supplied from the Regen Australia Nursery. Some of which will help the filtration process.

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