Plant of the Month: Glochidion sumatranum

Also known with the amusing name ‘Umbrella Cheese Tree,’ the common name refers to the attractive ‘umbrella shaped’ canopy which presents when the trees are young together with it’s ‘cheese shaped’ fruits. 

Glochidion sumatranum is an attractive small rainforest tree with glossy leaves and pedunculate inflorescences, which can grow up to 10m in moist areas such as in or adjoining palm forest or swamp sclerophyll forest, from winter to spring. It is a quite common species for revegetation as it grows fast, and it propagates by itself quite easily. 

But what is the definition of ‘revegetation?’

According to the *South East Queensland Ecological Restoration Frame Work Manual, ‘Revegetation’ is often used as a comprehensive term that covers all of the four restoration approaches, being:

  • Natural Regeneration,
  • Assisted Natural Regeneration,
  • Fabrication and;
  • Reconstruction.

The thinking behind these are that each of these restoration approaches is concerned with returning vegetation communities to the site – hence, revegetation.

Even when planting and direct seeding are not utilised, the specialised techniques employed; such as weed control or soil disturbance, are still encouraging the reinstatement of vegetation. In other sectors however, revegetation is simply regarded as being about installing vegetation on a site without consideration of any ecological restoration principles to re-establish natural functioning.

For further information on Ecological Restoration visit:

Thanks to our Nursery manager Gaby for this story.

Photo Credits:

  • Seedlings in the Nursery (Banner & Main Photo): Regen Australia

Slideshow Photos:

  • Young Glonchidion sumatranum tree: Tatters, flickr, Own work CC BY-SA 2.0 *Note: Young tree/shrub found in the private garden. The owner does not know whether it was planted some time ago or was nationally propagated (seed brought by a bird etc). Sunshine Coast (inland), QLD (geotagged).


  • South East Queensland Ecological Restoration Frame Work: Manual.
  • Mangroves to Mountains. Glenn Leiper, Jan Glazebrook, Denis Cox & Kerry Rathie. 

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