Giving Back

Regen Australia is a social-enterprise where all profits from our business are used to fund environmental awareness and education programs, community/school projects and environmentally themed events. We also provide training and support for our employees through internal and external programs.

Gold Coast’s Biggest Tree Planting Day
Proud supporters of Gold Coast Biggest Tree Planting Day, as a sponsor, preferred native plant supplier and employees volunteer their time to support the community-driven event.

Indonesian Rainforest Foundation
Assisting ecological restoration and community development programs in Java and Sumatra with consultancy and on ground support of projects including; sustainable agro-forestry, tropical peat swamp restoration, wetland restoration and developing plant nurseries.

Landcare education
Assisting landcare groups and landholders with advice and skills training in best practice restoration techniques and providing discounted plants to landcare members.

Gold Coast schools
Provide technical services, plants and tools for a wide range of school education programs and schoolground enhancement projects.

Improving skills and qualifications
In 2014, Regen Australia employees achieved new or upgraded formal AQF qualifications in disciplines related to ecological restoration and business management.

Gold Coast Community Gardens
Donated plants and tools to the Gold Coast Community Gardens network to support community gardening projects and promote awareness of growing safe food at home and reducing ‘food miles’.

Employee Assistance and Training
All Regen staff participated in our ‘healthier workplaces program’ facilitated by Guidelight Psychology. This 12 week program included small group physical training and dietary education as well as personal coaching.

Regen Australia Wellness and Wisdom Workshop
Regen staff recently had an opportunity to get together outdoors at Currumbin Alley to explore Regen Australia’s new structure and approach to life and business in a workshop called ‘Flowing like a wave’. This is the first workshop of a proposed series of staff wellness and wisdom workshops for Regen Australia. There is an online resource page open for people to explore at Your Fitness Friend website.

We hope this will be a positive way to connect everyone in the Regen team through conversation, good food and good fun.