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Ecological Restoration

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Creek restoration

Dedicated, experienced & qualified professionals

At Regen Australia, we identify processes that are threatening the ecological stability and functionality of a site.

We design and implement countermeasures to those threats with the aim of achieving similar structure, composition and function to the original pre-disturbance condition.

Regen Australia has dedicated teams of experienced and qualified professionals to provide services in a range of restoration strategies to assist the process of natural regeneration and recovery of the site.

Our teams are managed on-site by qualified, licensed supervisors, and work is undertaken within the framework of our certified Quality, Safety and Environmental Management Systems.
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Assisted Natural Regeneration

Much of the work of our ecological restoration teams is termed Assisted Natural Regeneration. Working in natural areas that still have a plant community that is functioning to some degree; but requires intervention to return it to its pre-disturbance condition.
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Reinstatement of natural habitat

One of the most satisfying outcomes of restoring natural areas is increasing habitat values. Many of our projects are in ecosystems that are the habitat of threatened, vulnerable or endangered species.

Over the years, our work has supported a range of these species such as: Glossy Black Cockatoo, Wallum Froglet, Gallery Rainforest, Richmond Birdwing Butterfly, Qld Macadamia, Small Leaf Tuckeroo, Koala, Sweet Myrtle, Beach Stone Curlew, Long Leaf Tuckeroo, Grey Headed Flying Fox, Native Gardenia and Eastern Bristlebird.
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