Our Team

Mark Bibby – CEO & General Manager
Mark has worked for many years in horticulture and agriculture including owning and operating landscaping and nursery businesses before taking up a role with Regen Australia in 2001. He has formal qualifications in business management, horticulture, conservation and land management and project management. Mark was offered the role of CEO in 2006 and has progressed Regen Australia’s status to be a leader in ecological restoration and vegetation management in an ever-changing business environment. Family, social justice and strong community involvement in local issues are important to Mark.

Greg Law – Senior Project Manager
Greg has worked with Regen Australia since 2001 and is a skilled manager of site works. He is widely respected for his ability to work with people at all levels and for his in-depth understanding of assisted ecological restoration and vegetation management. Greg and his family have a long history in environmental and community issues both on the Gold Coast and overseas, and his passion for a better and fairer world is evident in the way he approaches his work at Regen Australia. Regen would not be the same without Greg.

Samantha Buzash – Project Manager
Sam has been working with Regen Australia for 3 years, beginning her journey with the company as the Nursery Manager and was able to excel in this role. Sam has been working in ecological restoration in South East Queensland for over 5 years and has now moved into this space bringing her organizational, interpersonal and business minded approaches into this role.

Ben Hilton – Senior Project Manager
Ben began working for Regen Australia in 2015 to broaden his experience in the industry. He has formal qualifications in conservation and land management together with his ACDC license, HSR training and work safely at heights training. Ben’s industry experience, coupled with his strong work ethic and exacting quality standards complement his role in managing complex projects with high profile clients. Ben has a great interest in music and loves playing his guitar on the weekends.

Jason Hughes – Administrative Assistant
Jason joined Regen Australia in 2015. Jason has many years of experience in business administration including running complex payroll systems and compliance software programs. Outside of his career, he has volunteered many hours to assist local NGO’s with his skills. One of Jason’s future goals is to complete a Business Administration certificate. Jason enjoys involving himself in interactive entertainment in his spare time- “apart from the fun, I like its potential to inform and advocate meaningfully”.

Kenneth Joblin – Ecological Restoration Supervisor – Bundaberg Qld.
A long held interest in environmental matters has motivated Ken to pursue studies and employment opportunities culminating in his current role managing  Regen Australia’s operations in Bundaberg. Mindful of a changing dynamic, including, but not limited to, climate change, Ken undertakes “Assisted natural regeneration” with a passion, in pursuit of enhanced resilience in natural vegetation communities and habitats. He is looking forward to expanding Regen Australia’s role in Bundaberg and surrounds, including the employment and training of enthusiastic locals.

Gabriella Gomes – Nursery Manager
Gabriella started in our Regen Australia Nursery in the second half of 2021 after working as an environmental science teacher. She has a Degree in Biological Science, a Diploma in Horticulture together with her Certificates III and IV in Horticulture. She is very committed to ensuring that our nursery stock is of a high quality making sure that our plants are healthy and hardy enough to survive in the natural environment once they are planted. She is very proud of the meaningful work that the nursery team and Regen Australia do. In her spare time she loves taking photos of wildflowers and native birds and mammals and always looks forward to whale watching season.

Amie Badke – Nurseryhand
After working as a jeweller for 10 years, Amie made the switch to horticulture and worked in production nurseries. Amie was introduced to Regen Australia through her volunteer activities with Nerang River Keepers and joined us to further her interests in natural area restoration and propagating local native plants. A busy lady, Amie still volunteers and has recently started a family; and in amongst that has found time to study and achieve formal qualifications in Conservation and Land Management and Horticulture.

Bernard Murawski – Ecological Restoration Supervisor
Bernard has more than 15 years of ecological restoration experience with Regen Australia and 3 years experience as an agronomist and researcher. His academic achievements include a Bachelor of Applied Science and Masters in Environmental Management. He is familiar with all processes involved with ecological restoration projects and has been supervising restoration teams for Regen Australia since 2006. Bernard’s rare mix of academic and practical expertise is used to assist clients with project designing, planning and documentation.

Ben Sargeant – Ecological Restoration Supervisor
Ben originally became involved in ecological restoration during his involvement in the Green Corps Program in 1999. Fortunately, the program supervisor inspired him to follow his passion for what was once a fledgling industry. Since then he has had a constant involvement in the industry and started working with Regen Australia in 2005. He has gained a deep satisfaction from knowing that what he is doing for the environment is making a difference. Although, the only bad side is that knowing what he now knows ruins bushwalks as he is always on the look out for weeds and thinking what could be done to restore natural areas.

Rebecca George – Ecological Restoration Supervisor
Rebecca began her working life on the horse race tracks and joined the Regen team to see if the restoration industry was to her liking. Bec has gone on to gain formal qualifications in Conservation and Land Management and Horticulture and is a valued supervisor on a variety of work sites. Bec often puts her hand up to work on some of our remote sites and is not shy of a challenge. On the weekend you might find her riding her motorbike or on the AFL field.

Michael Uhrig – Ecological Restoration Supervisor
Michael traded in a long IT career to be surrounded by nature and work in the bush. After completing his Certificate III in Conservation and Land Management Michael decided that the best way to begin the process of building on-ground skills would be to join a local ecological restoration company and Regen Australia seemed to be the best fit! Michael volunteers as a project manager for Bush Heritage Australia on the weekends as well as exploring the Gold Coast through cycling. And if that is not enough, his property is part of the city’s Land for Wildlife scheme!

Mark McGowan – Ecological Restoration Practitioner
Mark is passionate about the need to improve the quality of natural areas and leave the world in a better condition. He has worked with Regen Australia since 2004 and has vast practical experience in ecological restoration that covers a diverse range of vegetation types from sub-tropical rainforests to coastal dune systems. Mark has excellent native and weed plant identification skills and formal qualifications in Conservation and Land Management.    

Paul Revie – Ecological Restoration Supervisor
Paul has been working for Regen Australia since early 2017 after a varied career providing nature and wildlife tours in North Queensland, caring for penguins and working as a bush regenerator in SE Queensland. Paul joined Regen Australia to continue his career in restoration and improve his knowledge of both plant identification and field restoration techniques. Paul’s education includes a Bachelor of Science and he is currently completing two Masters degrees. You can find Paul clicking away on his camera on the weekends and involving himself in Quoll conservation and small mammal research.  

Amanda Bowler – Ecological Restoration Practitioner
Amanda joined Regen Australia in 2017 after completion of her Bachelor of Science majoring in environmental science and wildlife biology. Amanda wanted to gain more experience on the ground where she can make a difference and has taken on further study and completed her qualifications in Conservation and Land Management. She has always been passionate about living sustainably and sharing knowledge with others. Amanda wants to become more involved in improving our environment on many different levels by educating people and conducting research. Amanda loves going on bushwalks and has great interest in insects.