Ecological Restoration

At Regen Australia, we identify processes that are threatening the stability of a site, then design and implement countermeasures to those threats to restore the structure and function of the disturbed ecosystem. This is not just an exercise in weed control. Every action taken will have some effect on the site condition from changes in biotic and abiotic soil condition to variations in light and space, species assemblage and microclimates.

Assisted restoration is the preferred method where applicable. The aim is to reduce the level of input required and increase the level of local biodiversity. It involves strategically removing threats, predominantly invasive weeds, to allow for the natural regeneration of native species rather than planting. A planned and integrated approach eliminates threats and reduces competition, creating conditions that return the site to a functioning natural system.

Regen Australia has dedicated teams of experienced and qualified professionals to provide services in a range of restoration strategies that will assist the process of natural regeneration and recovery of the site. All operational staff is skilled in plant identification and weed control techniques. All our field teams are managed on-site by qualified, licensed supervisors.


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