Regen Australia has successfully planned and delivered a diverse range of projects using a variety of methods in many different ecosystems — from urban bushland to the management of natural and ecologically significant areas. All projects are guided by project-specific management plans.


Regen Australia is a preferred Dune Restoration supplier, one of six listed contractors for the City of Gold Coast. Key services include assisted natural regeneration, weed control, facilitation of community planting days and information sessions from the northern foreshores to the southern point breaks. A key project included the Kirra Foreshore project, which involved the revegetation and maintenance of 1.5 km of beachfront that included the propagation and installation 18,000 local dune species.This project has been showcased at the National Coastal Conference and in scientific journals.


Since 1998 Regen Australia has planted more than 2 million native plants in revegetation projects in Queensland and New South Wales. Large scale projects include: Vegetation offset at Pimpama River Conservation area (90,000 plants), High voltage transmission line rehabilitation in Nerang State Forest (100,000 plants), public infrastructure screen and buffer planting (70,000 plants), pipeline rehabilitation (50,000 plants), landfill remediation (1,200,000 plants)


Regen Australia has worked with developers, utilities and government infrastructure suppliers to revegetate and manage urban development following civil works. We provide technical services for bio-retention and detention basins, weed control and maintenance in natural areas and parklands, revegetation and landscaping, soil stabilisation and civil works reinstatement, drainage and WSUD planting and maintenance, and the installation and maintenance of street trees and turf.


Our nursery is an integral part of our business and has specialised in the propagation and production of local provenance native plants to supply internal and external projects since 1998. We supply a range of clients from private landholders wanting local natives for their gardens to government departments and multi-national companies undertaking large scale tree planting projects. We supply plants for the City of Gold Coast’s Land for Wildlife program, members of the Gold Coast Catchment Association and sell direct to the public. Regen Australia Nursery is located at 51b Bonogin Rd, Gold Coast. Please contact our nursery staff directly on 0414 519 572.


Habitat values are an essential component of most revegetation projects. We have provided services to increase habitat values and improve habitat connectivity on a range of projects. Many projects are designed with a specific animal or plant species or community in mind. Over the years Regen Australia has improved habitat for many rare, threatenend or endangered species. Some of these include: Glossy Black Cockatoo, Wallum Froglet, Gallery Rainforest, Richmond Birdwing Butterfly, Qld Macadamia , Small Leaf Tuckeroo, Koala, Sweet Myrtle, Beach Stone Curlew, Long Leaf Tuckeroo, Grey Headed Flying Fox, Native Gardenia.


We provided expert advice and services for the revegetation of existing sediment ponds at Sierra Place in Upper Coomera for the City of Gold Coast. Regen Australia is one of two preferred suppliers for these services to the City of Gold Coast. Our recreation of a natural wetland area following major disturbances for undergound services was selected for an article in the journal “Ecological Management and Restoration”. It was also the subject of a symposium presentation to the Australian Association of Bush Regenerators.


For over 15 years we have provided technical consultancy and contracting services to local govenments. Some of these are: City of Gold Coast, Tweed Shire Council, Brisbane City Council, Mackay Regional Council, Somerset Regional Council, Logan City Council. We have assisted many developers and private land managers and have worked with state and federal government agencies on small-scale to large-scale projects. All projects showcase our professionalism and commitment to ecological restoration.