In Celebration of World Wildlife Day 2022

Obviously restoring ecosystems and habitats is at the core of much we do here at Regen Australia and as our teams encounter all sorts of wildlife throughout a workday, in celebration of World Wildlife Day we thought we’d share some photos and videos kindly sent into us from various team members out in the field. Be sure to click on each image for a closer look.

Lace Monitor: B. Senior
Black Swan & Signets: J. Coomber
Dayflying Moth Caterpillar – Subfamily Agaristinae: J. Coomber

A big thank you to all our team members for sharing their photos and videos, we look forward to sharing many more!

To learn more about the bigger picture of World Wildlife Day and to understand more about this year’s theme of ‘Recovering Key Species for Ecosystem Restoration’ be sure to follow this link: and let’s all do our part to protect all creatures great and small as well as their habitats whenever we’re out and about exploring the fragile natural areas in which they live.

Official World Wild Life Day Poster Art Credits:
– Blue Tiger by Delphine Gillard
– Panelled Graphic by Despina Kannaourou

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