Another Day at the Office #8

Kirra Dunes

Regen Australia has a 20 year history of working to restore and re-create coastal dune environments.

One of our most interesting projects was delivered in 2010 -12 on a 1.5km stretch of coastline between Kirra and Bilinga. The brief from the client was to design and construct a revegetation solution for newly created sand dunes on one of Queensland’s biggest coastal regeneration projects.

The project came to life following a Qld government $1.5 million election commitment, read, to take action on Kirra Beach which had all but lost its world famous surf break after a build-up of sand in the intertidal zone and on the beach.

Following on from a successful tendering process; Regen Australia designed the revegetation components for the project; propagated and grew 18,000 dune plants; installed all the plants and watered and maintained the plants for 12 months post-planting.

Following the success of the regeneration project Regen Australia was asked to prepare a paper to assist future planning for similar projects. The paper was completed in 2013 and has been presented at state and national coastal conferences and also featured in ecology journals. Have a read yourself by clicking on HERE




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