Ibis Tangled in Fishing Line

Our teams come across some wonderful wildlife during the course of their day, however on this occasion they came across a tragic encounter with an ibis found tangled in a tree by fishing line.

Our team spotted the ibis hanging upside down in a tree while doing lake maintenance and reported it to the relevant council, however there are many local wildlife rescue organisations which can be contacted should you also come across injured wildlife such as:

Hopefully the ibis made a safe escape, however, it is a timely reminder for all who enjoy the sport of fishing to please dispose of your waste properly! On the Gold Coast you may have noticed fishing tackle bins around the place for this purpose, such as those in this photo.

Tackle Bin photo courtesty of The Tackle Bin Project

For more information on these bins and their location, check out the Tackle Bin Project website at tacklebinproject.org

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