Weedons Landslip Repair

Regen Australia recently carried out a revegetation project to remediate a landslip that had occurred in Nerang due to recent unprecedented weather events.

The project involved the installation of 200 native plants at a high density, as well as erosion control measures, with the aim of securing the slope and preventing further issues. Works required the use of specialised equipment including ropes and harnesses to access the extremely steep and slippery slope and digging implements that would not disturb the area and possibly lead to further erosion or landslip.

The plants roots as well as foliage will help to slow the flow of water over the slope as well as secure the surface of the slope, drastically reducing the likelihood of future erosion or landslip events.

Steep landslip face with native plants and coir logs installed.
Native plants installed at high density across steep landslip face.

Thanks to our project manager Lachlan for this story.

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